Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Celebrating Service

Each year, thousands of New Yorkers spend time volunteering in their communities. Learn more about how we celebrate their service.

Three volunteers holding up their Presidential Service Award certificates, in front of a New York Cares branded press wall.

Celebrating Volunteers

Time spent volunteering is valuable and makes an impact. We celebrate and honor the diversity of our volunteers and their reasons for volunteering. Some people are looking for something new, while others go back to the same project week after week. Some find a sudden gap in their schedule, while others add a volunteer project to their already hectic weekend.

We strive to recognize our volunteers in ways large and small throughout the year, including some of the official recognition programs and awards listed below.

Volunteer Documentation (Letters of Service)

Sometimes our volunteers need an official record of their work with us. We’re happy to provide this documentation.

The Mayoral Service Awards

Volunteers who have completed over 100 hours in a calendar year are eligible to receive the Mayoral Service Award.

President's Volunteer Service Awards

Each year, New York Cares partners with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) as a certifying organization to present the President’s Volunteer Service Award to eligible volunteers who complete 100 hours or more in a year. Volunteers receive a letter from the President, along with a certificate and pin.

High Risers

High Risers are active volunteers who have completed over 1,000 projects of service with us. We recognize new High-Risers at our annual Gala. 


  • Mary Pat Archer (2019)
  • Debbie Ashton (2020)
  • Linda Blacken (2013)
  • Akeem Bonaparte (2016)
  • David Camacho (2014)
  • Trix Cheung (2016)
  • Ann Darmstaetter (2014)
  • Charity Diaz (2010)
  • Molly Dieterich (2015)
  • May Eng (2019)
  • Arthur Fisher (2020)
  • Tim Gibson (2012)
  • Rhonda Gomez (2019)
  • David Halloran (2020)
  • Cheryl K Jones (2020)
  • Tamiko Kamara (2020)
  • Jennifer Kursman (2020)
  • Muthu Kuttaiyan (2010)
  • Andrew Lippman (2013)
  • Nicole Lonardo (2019)
  • Patrick McGuire (2013)
  • Sarada Ravinuthala (2019)
  • Sandra Mamrak (2016)
  • Julia Masi (2013)
  • Maria Miller (2015)
  • Sanam Nowrouzzadeh (2016)
  • Gennie Perez (2019)
  • Debra Putzer (2017)
  • John Robertson (2014)
  • Jun Saito (2013)
  • Sally Ann Schneider (2019)
  • Shuvoshree (Asha) Som (2020)
  • Lori Spiegel (2019)
  • Kai Tham (2019)
  • James Tucker (2014)
  • Joseph Willinger (2015)
  • Jim Wong (2006)